What is BLW?

our-family-cropped-circleMy name is Jess, I live in Glasgow with my husband Dave, and in 2016 we began the exciting but overwhelming journey of introducing our baby son Eli to solid food – eek!

For many people, weaning = time to break out the baby food jars and pouches. But for those of us doing baby led weaning (BLW), there’s no need to buy a single jar or ever make an aeroplane with a spoon. My son has spent the last year exploring food – real, solid food, pretty much as we’ve been eating it – all by himself, teaching himself to handle and eat food and getting an early introduction to proper family meals too. We love it!

If you haven’t heard of BLW, it’s an approach pioneered by former health visitor and midwife Dr Gill Rapley, where you by-pass the puree and spoon-feeding stage and let your baby start feeding herself family food from around six months of age.

Supporters say benefits range from reducing pickiness to encouraging the development of fine motor and chewing skills. In my own experience, it’s a brilliant, stress-free way to start exploring foods with your baby.

There’s plenty of info on these pages to help you decide if baby led weaning is for you and get you started. I’ve also collected links to loads of other useful resources which I hope will help as you start your weaning journey. Good luck!