Food Storage

Nuby Snack Pots

These are fab for taking snacks or lunch components out and about with you. I use them all the time, but for dry stuff as I think they’d leak with things like yoghurt. I think they came from Home Bargains.

Sistema yoghurt pots

Sistema Yogurt To Go, 130mL Round Containers, 2 Pack

No need to buy expensive individual yoghurts for packed lunches! Just put some Greek yoghurt and maybe a little fruit compote in this tub and you’re sorted!

Sistema Lunch Cube

Sistema Lunch Cube, 1.4 L – Blue

I don’t have this but I want it so bad!

Bibetta Neoprene Lunch Bag

Bibetta Neoprene Children’s Lunch Bag (Turqoise Bird)

Again, I don’t have this but I’ve heard lots of good things.


Nuby ice lolly moulds

Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles Frozen Purees Moulds

I LOVE these. I used them for breastmilk lollies before Eli started weaning (fab way to get him used to the highchair and to assess how good he was at taking food to his mouth. Great for teething too apparently, though he’s still got no teeth for me to test this theory!). Now I puree up any wrinkly fruit I have lying around, or chop into yoghurt and add to the moulds.

Crinkle cutter

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Crinkle Chip Cutter

For making slippy fruit and veg easier for baby to hold.

Toy/Cup/Dummy clips


For when your baby keeps launching their toys and cup when you’re in a restaurant and the food’s taking too long.