Cups, crockery and cutlery


Tommee Tippee Basic Cup

Tommee Tippee Essentials First Cup (Pink)
Tommee Tippee First Cup (Cyan)
Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat and Plate (Pink)
This free-flow sippy cup is great and has a fold-back lid so it doesn’t spill out and about. You can order following the links on Amazon, but if you keep an eye out in big supermarkets you can usually find it cheaper in-store, often for £1.

Doidy cup

Bickiepegs Doidy Cup (Blue) (you can select other colours too when you follow the link)

This slated open cup is super popular among breastfeeding BLWers as it’s seen as a more natural progression for a breast-fed baby (I have one and he can use it well enough though we never seem to use it as much as other cups).



Babycup Baby and Toddler First Cup (Multi Coloured)

I LOVE these and we use them all the time. Fantastic size for a baby just learning to hold them all by themselves.

Munchkin 360 cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Trainer Cup (207 ml, Blue)
Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup – Pink.

I don’t have this but most of my friends do and they all seem to like them – especially the fact that the baby can’t spill using them.

Nuby Flip n Sip No Spill Cup

Nuby Flip n Sip No Spill Cup with Handles (240 ml) Random Colours

Straw cups seem a bit marmite-y among the mums I know but my son has always loved drinking from a straw and they’re a good low-mess option for out and about. We use a tommee tippee one but I’ve heard good things about the Nuby version here.

Plates, bowls and mats

Nuby Miracle Mat

Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat and Plate (Green)
Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat and Section Plate, Green
Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat and Plate (Blue)
Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat and Section Plate (Blue)
Nuby SureGrip Mircale Mat and Section Plate (Pink)
Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat and Plate (Pink)

The Nuby Miracle Mat is one I use myself – it sticks well onto the IKEA Antilop highchair tray or on our wooden table. Great for taking out and about and I find my son makes less mess when I use it. I have the two section version but the single bowl looks good too.

Summer Infant Tiny Diner

Summer Infant Tiny Diner – Green
Summer Infant Tiny Diner (Blue)
Tiny Diner – Pink

A couple of my friends use this for out and about and it’s great for keeping the food off manky restaurant tables.

Nuby suction bowl

Nuby Stackable Suction Bowl with Lid (Pack of 3, Multi-Coloured)

To stop their cereal getting launched across the kitchen.

Vital Baby Suction Bowl

Vital Baby travel suction bowl with lid and spoon (Unbelievabowl Unisex)
Vital Baby travel suction bowl with lid and spoon (Unbelievabowl Girl)
Vital Baby travel suction bowl with lid and spoon (Unbelievabowl Boy)

Highly recommended by a couple of mums I know – apparently they’re really well-made, with good strong suction to stop baby pulling them off.


Tommee Tippee self-feeding spoons

Tommee Tippee Explora Feeding Spoons (5-pack)

These are the spoons we use for pre-loaded spoons – they work great as they’re short, so easy for baby to hold, and have a deep bowl that stuff doesn’t fall out of quite as easily.

Tommee Tippee First Cutlery Set

Tommee Tippee Explora First Grown Up Cutlery Set (Variable Colours)

I prefer starting with a metal fork, which stabs the food easier (obviously let baby use under supervision). These are great for pre-loaded forks and for when baby starts learning to use them by themselves.