What do I need?

One of the nice things about baby led weaning (BLW) is you don’t NEED anything specific (except your baby and some food). If you like, you can strip your baby off, sit them on your lap and let them pick at your plate. You’re probably going to want to invest in the odd thing though. I’m not one for buying unnecessary “stuff” but on the other hand there are plenty of gadgets and goodies you can get to make your weaning journey smoother.

I’ve collected some links to popular items you may or may not want to buy depending on your particular needs. Think about whether you need something or whether it will just be unneeded clutter, and if you can get it second hand or from a charity shop try that out first!

If you do want to browse some ideas for books and equipment, check out the pages in this section. Links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning Baby Led Bites earns some money if you buy through the link. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but if you’d prefer not to use them you can also go directly to Amazon and search 🙂