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Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers (part 2)

Last time I posted a Q&A about my approach to snacking for babies and toddlers. This time, I’m going to dive right in with a list of healthy, homemade snack ideas. Fruit Fresh fruit – any fruit your child likes! Eli’s favourites are bananas, satsumas, strawberries, blueberries, plums, nectarines, grapes and pineapple. A little bowl of stewed fruit (ideally with…

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eli eating yoghurt
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Healthy snacking for babies and toddlers (part 1)

Everyone does baby and toddler snacks differently, but I know some people really struggle with knowing when to introduce themĀ and what to give. Here’s a bit of a Q&A on my approach (yours may of course vary). Part two of this post will be a big long list of healthy, homemade baby and toddler snack ideas, so keep your eyes…

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