What’s a balanced diet for babies anyway?

Figuring out a balanced diet for your baby can be a bit anxiety-provoking. I know it was for me – I’m not a dietitian or health professional, just a mum who loves food. Especially with your first baby you can really lack confidence in whether you’re doing it right. Luckily, there are quite a few resources online to help you…

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Roasted tomato and goats’ cheese quiche

Why quiche? Well, we keep chickens, so we have a LOT of eggs to use. While I like eggs in things (cakes, fried rice or frittatas), I don’t actually like them enough to have them scrambled or poached or boiled (luckily Dave and Eli do). But quiche is something our whole family can eat. It’s a really handy food for…

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Cheeky Wipes hands and faces kit – product review

The other week I got a really exciting baby led weaning delivery – the Cheeky Wipes hands and faces kit! I’d been waiting (im)patiently as they were out of stock when I ordered so it had been a few weeks (the delay was made clear when I ordered). I already use the terry towelling Cheeky Wipes for Eli’s bum (they’re…

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Seven ways to serve runny food BLW-style

A lot of mums wonder about giving runny food, like yoghurt or soup to their BLW baby. Firstly, they worry about whether it’s OK to give runny food or if it’s “not BLW”. Then they assume the only way to actually get the food into their baby is to spoon feed it. Is giving runny food ok? Baby led weaning doesn’t mean…

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I am not the baby led weaning police

I’m on a few baby led weaning (and general parenting) groups and one thing you see again and again is people tearing other parents down for their choices. I don’t want this to be that kind of blog and I don’t want anyone to turn away because they think they aren’t doing it right. So who is this blog for anyway?…

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