See my list of recommended books.

Weaning guidelines

World Health Organisation (WHO) Infant Feeding Recommendation

NHS: your baby’s first solid foods

Weaning safety

St John’s Ambulance Chokeables video

BLW info

Rapley Weaning (Dr Gill Rapley’s website)

Food and recipes

First Steps Nutrition Trust (though not geared towards BLW, the resources on this website have loads of great information on nutrition. I tend to use the resources for 1-4 years for recipe ideas as the information for younger babies is aimed more at purees and mashes. Here’s a great poster with some golden rules, and a fantastic resource on creating balanced lunchboxes for young children. There’s also a free downloadable Eating Well recipe book with recipes for the whole family – again I don’t follow the instructions to mash for young babies, as it’s not relevant to BLW.

The British Nutrition Trust has a handy “Toddler Eatwell” leaflet with information including visual charts of example foods in each food group.

Friendly First Foods is the blog of a popular Facebook support group. the group is aimed at all kinds of weaning but there’s loads of good recipes for BLW in the blog.

My Lovely Little Lunch Box has some really nice recipes.

Feeding Finn is another blog with great recipes for babies and toddlers.