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Healthy snacking for babies and toddlers (part 1)

Everyone does baby and toddler snacks differently, but I know some people really struggle with knowing when to introduce them and what to give. Here’s a bit of a Q&A on my approach (yours may of course vary). Part two of this post will be a big long list of healthy, homemade baby and toddler snack ideas, so keep your eyes…

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Hello again

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written here. Things got a bit hectic before Christmas with Eli’s first birthday beforehand and my return to work in late December, and all my time and energy were just swallowed up (I bet a lot of my fellow mums can relate!). Things are calmer now and I really want to…

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Banana French toast

It’s hard to be creative at breakfast. You’re tired, your baby is hungry and whingey (or not hungry and throws all food on the floor), you might be in a massive rush to get out the door. If you’re like me, you might be in a boring Weetabix/porridge cycle. Maybe you’re looking for something a bit different, or just a bit…

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Easy ways to get protein into your baby’s diet

When we started baby led weaning, we did a lot of easy finger foods (fruit, veg, toast etc), but as Eli progressed, I started to do more research into providing a balanced diet. Here’s some of the information I found out 🙂 I’ll follow up later on in the week with some quick and easy protein-rich meal ideas. How much…

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Should babies eat fat?

Here’s a common baby led wesning question I see people asking on BLW forums and groups: “I want to make pesto pasta/fry onions for sauce/make toast with butter on. But I’m afraid/my partner or mum says I shouldn’t be giving my baby fat or oil? Should I just steam baby’s veg portion so they don’t get the fat?” The short…

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