Exciting news!

So I can’t remember if I shared this on here, but a while back Dave and I took the decision that I was going to stop working to be a stay at home mum – and today was my last day at work!

While it’s always sad leaving behind colleagues and friends when you leave a job (they were so lovely and got me flowers, wine, cards, a goft and decorated my desk too), I am SO excited about being able to take some time at home with my little guy before he heads to nursery at age 3. It’s a cliche but it’s true that they grow up ridiculously fast <3

eli newborn

eli toddler

How do they go from the top photo to the bottom one so quickly?

That should mean I have more time to cook and to post here, so I’m also excited about both those things 🙂

In other news

Years ago, I used to run a frugal cooking blog called Chilli Sage and Lemon, and I’ve also taken the decision to start posting there again. I’ll be posting about a range of things – still some frugal cooking articles, but also stuff about frugal living in general, life as a stay at home mum, gardening, green/eco-friendly living, simplicity and anything else that takes my fancy. I’ll stick to recipes and stuff about baby led weaning/feeding a toddler here. You can pop over to subscribe or follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@ChilliSageLemon) if you’re interested in the other blog.


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