BLW in action – what our toddler ate last week 

I don’t have many pictures I’m afraid, but here’s just a few examples of what we’ve been eating as a family over the last week or so. I haven’t done my usual monthly stock up shop yet this month (ooops) so the cupboards have been a bit bare… we’ve done well using up random bits and bobs though 🙂

Most of these will be suitable for any age baby but avoid honey for under-ones – you could give them their chicken plain and just add the glaze to everyone else’s portions.

scrambled egg


Porridge is our main breakfast these days. I usually make it using plain oats, but my Papa has kindly given me a couple of huge Costco boxes of microwave porridge sachets recently. I’ve been eating golden syrup flavour with bananas sliced in, while for Eli I stick with plain (it’s just oats plus you add milk so I’m happy giving them to him). He still eats porridge happily without any sweetening so I want to stick with this (he does have a banana too but eats it while I make the porridge instead of waiting). 

Cereal – Eli loves Weetabix so we’ve had that a couple of times. I made some peanut butter granola at the weekend so am looking forward to introducing him to that – I love it! 


We had lentil soup from the freezer one day, along with bread – Eli loves soup now. There’s many ways BLW babies can eat soup, but he was never super keen until he could easily feed himself it with a spoon.  

Scrambled eggs on toast – Eli always gets scrambled egg for lunch once or twice a week, as we have so many to use up! We tend to serve with veg – this time, some tomatoes from our greenhouse. He pretty much always has plain Greek yoghurt after his lunch too.
Playgroup – on Fridays we go to a lovely local playgroup (if you’re based in Glasgow, it’s at the Kelbourne St Scout Hall between 10-12) which serves a healthy snack buffet with things like fruit, pancakes, oatcakes, rice cakes, hummus, cheese etc. Perfect for BLW babies!

This weekend I baked the apple and oat muffins from the River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook
(one of my favourite BLW cookbooks) for the first time and they were lovely – will definitely make them again.

eli eating fish fingers


Daal made with chana dal (hulled split chickpeas) and served with rice and homemade naans – this was a popular one with all of us. Surprisingly even Dave, who’s a bit of a carnivore, gave the daal a thumbs up. 

Homemade fish fingers, peas, carrots and paprika wedges – again, we all enjoyed this!

So what have you been eating lately? Share your meals in the comments 🙂

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