A day in the life of a BLW toddler…

I thought it might be helpful to start a semi-regular series showing a whole day’s meals for Eli. When you’re sitting there with your five month old baby researching baby led weaning (BLW), getting to the stage of three meals a day can seem SO daunting. I know lots of parents struggle with inspiration, so it can be really helpful to see what others do. Showing a whole day hopefully gives more of a flavour for how I try to balance his diet (without being obsessive or never allowing treats!).

Anyway, here’s what he ate today:

8am – Breakfast

First off – Eli eats a banana every day while I make breakfast. He’s obsessed! Then we get onto the main breakfast…

BLW toddler breakfast

Today we both had homemade American-style fluffy pancakes (from the River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook – affiliate link). I served them with strawberries and tinned peaches. Eli had tinned peaches for (I think) the first time yesterday and refused them then. Luckkily I never give up on a new food at the first (or tenth!) attempt, and sure enough he wolfed them down today. I had honey on my pancake but Eli just had a little butter.

Eli doesn’t drink milk (because he doesn’t like it, not because I have any objection to milk) or juice (because I don’t let him) so you’ll see water served with all the meals, usually in an open cup.

10.30am – Snack

No picture of this. Normally I’d have given some home baking or a bit of fruit at home. Today though, Eli managed to break into the grapes punnet in his car seat on the way home from the shopping (I didn’t realise he could get into it). I was surprised to look in the mirror and see him merrily helping himself while I was driving! So that was his snack for today. Obviously (before I get slated in the comments) I do normally slice his grapes and also don’t let him eat in his car seat…

12.30pm – Lunch

BLW toddler lunch

Today we had hummus on toast (he helped spread the hummus). I served with avocado chunks (which he helped chop with a blunt butter knife) and cooked green beans in a viniagrette dressing. He ate all his hummus on toast and avocado. However, he just sucked the dressing off the green beans then chewed on each one and spat back out… anyone else’s toddler do this?!

4pm – Snack

BLW toddler snack

We went on a wet and rainy walk to the post box so Eli could run off some energy and splash in puddles in his wellies. When we got back, I introduced him to his first warm cocoa. He didn’t like it though! (Weird child). He did eat up his banana pancake bite though (recipe from the BLW Coookbook app).

6pm – Dinner

BLW toddler dinner

We eat as a family and tonight it was homemade breaded fish, wedges, broccoli and peas. Eli helped prepare the food (spooning flour onto a plate, beating the egg with his fork, shaking paprika onto the wedges and transferring bread to the food processor and broccoli to the pan). He’s getting more able to help with every week that passes :). After dinner, he had some plain Greek yoghurt, though he’d also stuffed himself eating all his dinner plus seconds (popular one tonight!).

So that’s it, today’s meals for an 18 month old! Reasonably healthy I think, though normally I include more dairy to replace his milk intake. What were your BLW babies and toddlers eating today? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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