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Baby led weaning recipe books and apps

baby_led_weaning_book__85557_zoomOne of the great selling points of baby led weaning (BLW) – for me anyway – is that you don’t NEED any special recipes. You get to share your food with your baby right from the get-go, so you don’t need to prepare anything special. The ultimate in lazy parenting.

And yet there’s something nice about  the idea of tiny baby finger food. Or maybe you aren’t very confident in the kitchen and don’t have good recipes at your fingertips already. Maybe you’re not happy for your baby to follow your existing diet because it isn’t very healthy. There are many reasons we feel the urge to buy a book when we start BLW. For me, I just have a real weakness for recipe books 🙂

Below I’ve listed the books and apps I’ve used myself and found helpful.  As a side note, I’m dying for Jamie Oliver to bring out a baby cookbook – he must be an expert on it by now surely?! 😉

Baby led weaning resources I’ve used and would recommend

river cottage baby and toddler cookbookRiver Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook

I love this cookbook! The food is delicious and the advice section at the start (while not exclusively baby led weaning-friendly) is so common-sense. In fact I’d recommend to every parent, whether BLW or traditional weaning, because it’s got a section on purees too.

The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook

This is the classic BLW cookbook written by Gill Rapley. The recipes tend to be slightly more basic and sometimes bland, but it’s great of you’re not a confident cook and there are some nice ideas in there. I like using all the basic recipes like pancakes, yorkshire puds, cheese sauce – yes, I knew how to cook these already, but there’s in handy quantities for a small family.

The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook

This fun cookbook is more about things to make WITH your toddler (aged 1-4) instead of FOR your toddler. It’s really simple recipes broken down into steps that prevent your child getting bored while you cook. Well worth checking out!

The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook App (you can search for this in the app store on your phone)

I’ve found a couple of the baking recipes a bit hit or miss but then others I’ve tried have been brilliant. There are a LOT of cakes/muffins/cookies on this so it’s fab for snacks, but there are meals, breakfasts etc too. There’s also an associated slow cooker and fussy toddler app and they’re all pretty good.

I hope these books are useful for you! For more baby led weaning and toddler food resources, check out this page. If I’ve missed something out, please share in the comments – I’m always after new recipe books and blogs!

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