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our-family-cropped-circleHi, I’m Jess and I’m the mum behind Baby Led Bites! I thought it’d be nice to share a little about us and our weaning journey before jumping straight in.

About us

I’m 28 and married to Dave, the handsome big guy you can see in our family photo. When not on maternity leave (I go back in December), I work in comms for a large company. I must like writing since here I am doing comms in my spare time too!

Dave and I live in sunny Glasgow, Scotland, with the world’s most anti-social cat, Basil and three feisty chickens called Agnes, Martha and Betty. Oh, and that takes us on to the last member of our family – our favourite little guy 🙂

Becoming parents

On 6th December last year, Dave and I were thrilled and overwhelmed to become parents for the first time, when Eli arrived in this world exactly a week late. I quickly found myself spending all night watching every Youtube video there is on breastfeeding as I struggled a little with sore nipples. Luckily, all went well, breastfeeding was established (and is still ongoing) and an interest in infant nutrition began to take seed too!

An interest in weaning

cat-chicken-cropped-circleAs Eli approached six months, I found myself obsessively researching weaning and specifically baby led weaning (BLW). I loved so many things about the ethos – particularly the fact that Eli would be joining us at family meals, eating real food, the same as us. When Eli demonstrated his ability to grab carrot sticks out at a picnic, we started offering him food at 24 weeks and he got stuck in straight away.

The first few meals were nerve-wracking. There were some disappointing meals where every scrap of food ended up on the floor. But overall, Eli was – and is – a joy to feed. He’ll try pretty much everything offered and his self-feeding skills get better by the day. Just last week I sent a video to Dave at work showing Eli scooping yoghurt out of a bowl with a spoon by himself – I was completely puffed up with pride!

In this blog, I want to share some of the resources, information, tips, recipes and products that I’ve accumulated in my head since we started this journey a few months ago. I hope I can help other mums, daunted by the prospect of their wee babies going on to the next stage of their lives. If you’re looking to get started yourself, but don’t know where to begin, check out the First bites section of this website – I’ll be updating it regularly with links as I add more useful content.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a breakfast recipe idea – in the meantime, you can also check out the Resources section if you want to do some further reading.

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