Banana French toast

It’s hard to be creative at breakfast. You’re tired, your baby is hungry and whingey (or not hungry and throws all food on the floor), you might be in a massive rush to get out the door. If you’re like me, you might be in a boring Weetabix/porridge cycle. Maybe you’re […]



Easy ways to get protein into your baby’s diet

When we started baby led weaning, we did a lot of easy finger foods (fruit, veg, toast etc), but as Eli progressed, I started to do more research into providing a balanced diet. Here’s some of the information I found out 🙂 I’ll follow up later on in the week […]

Should babies eat fat?

Here’s a common baby led wesning question I see people asking on BLW forums and groups: “I want to make pesto pasta/fry onions for sauce/make toast with butter on. But I’m afraid/my partner or mum says I shouldn’t be giving my baby fat or oil? Should I just steam baby’s […]



Is baby led weaning expensive? 2

If you’re on a budget (especially if things are getting tight on mat pay) you might be wondering if baby led weaning is an expensive way to wean your baby. Budgeting and food bills have interested me for a long time, to the point of blogging about it in pre-baby […]

The ultimate breakfast ideas list

Sometime’s it’s so hard to get creative at breakfast time – so here’s my ultimate baby led weaning breakfast ideas list. Enjoy! Porridge Check out my porridge recipe. I also make Jamie Oliver’s protein porridge (from Everyday Super Food*), which Eli LOVES. Or go for porridge fingers if you want […]